BroadBand Light Treatment, or BBL, is a cosmetic treatment that targets red and brown skin discolorations from sun damage, as well as dilated blood vessels. By targeting these spots, your skin is improved for a more youthful appearance!

What are the benefits?

BBL has plenty of benefits for various skin types.

  • Rejuvenation: BroadBand Light Treatment effectively rejuvenates your skin so it appears younger.
  • No downtime: Going through this pulsed-light therapy requires no downtime! This means that right after your treatment, you’re ready to go about your day. All that is needed is sunscreen.
  • Only a few sessions: Results from BroadBand Light Treatment begin to show after roughly three in-office sessions. However, in some cases, improvement is noted after only one treatment session.

These are several of the major benefits, but it’s important to note that only lighter skin tones can be treated. Due to this, it’s best to be treated during the fall and winter when your skin is lighter.

However, if you are naturally darker in color, do not fear! There are plenty of other cosmetic options for you to choose from. Call us at (970) 964-4036 for a consultation so you can see what works for you!

What is the treatment process like?

The process uses a filtered light that specifically targets and destroys the brown pigment or blood vessels. Here’s how it works:

  • First, the BBL system filters the energy from visible light to target either brown pigment or blood vessels that are the source of the brown or red discoloration on your skin.
  • The brown pigment or blood vessels absorb the energy from the filtered light
  • The brown pigment or blood vessels are destroyed by the light energy and are slowly degraded naturally.

After your initial treatment, a few things will take place depending on what your end goal for the treatment is.

Brown spots may initially appear darker because they are rising up within your skin’s layers. After roughly 1-3 weeks, the spots will come off. Generally, you will notice some pink areas and may also be a bit puffy for an hour or two after the procedure.

If you’re trying to decrease the appearance ofred blood vessels, BroadBand Light Treatment will often shut down the vessel before your body takes the destroyed vessel and reabsorbs it. There is slight swelling and redness, but soon, the dilated vessels will no longer be visible.

Find out if BBL is right for you and your skin by contacting Montrose Dermatology at (970) 964-4036 and getting your free consultation!