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The Benefits of Body Contouring

Have you always desired a certain shape? No matter what diet you tried or how much you exercised, are there areas of fat that you just can’t seem to lose? If so, body contouring is a safe and effective solution.

Through innovative, non-invasive technology, you can banish those stubborn areas of fat for good.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a non-invasive fat-removal process. By eliminating fat from key areas you can alter the shape of your body. Body contouring is not used as a weight-loss solution, and instead focuses more on targeted, stubborn areas of concentrated fat.

When unable to eliminate these areas through diet and exercise, this body-shaping method, known as CoolSculpting®, provides an alternative, permanent solution.


If you’re wondering how to remove fat in a way that is less expensive, less invasive, and with less risk than liposuction, the answer is CoolSculpting®. This innovative process permanently destroys fat cells by freezing them without damaging the surrounding skin or tissue. In comparison to weight loss, which causes fat cells to shrink, body contouring naturally decreases the number of fat cells.

Montrose Dermatology + Cosmetics is now offering the next generation of CoolSculpting® to residents of Montrose and the surrounding areas. This technology is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment that uses controlled cooling for fat reduction.

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Is CoolSculpting® right for me?

This procedure is not only precise and controlled, but it’s incredibly safe and effective.

If you have been unsuccessful in losing fat in certain areas, this science can help you naturally achieve the body you desire. Best of all, you won’t just lose that stubborn fat — you’ll keep it off. After naturally processing the targeted fat and eliminating the dead cells, you will be able to more easily maintain your new body.

Considering that more than 4 million CoolSculpting® procedures have been conducted around the globe, with studies completed on more than 5,500 clinical trial patients, both the science and the technology have been thoroughly tested and proven.

The best candidates for this procedure are those who have noticeable bulges on certain areas of their body. This is not a solution for obesity, but rather a body-sculpting opportunity. For those who are interested in an alternative to liposuction, this solution will be tailored to meet your personal needs.

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