Laser hair removal is the perfect way to get rid of hair without worrying about that pesky shave, tweeze, or wax. It works great for both men and women and can be done anywhere on the body (excluding areas around your eyes).


How does it work?

We use a specific process for laser hair removal to help you get rid of unwanted hair.

  1. First, the laser beams it’s highly concentrated light and energy onto the targeted follicles of hair. The energy emitted by the laser is attracted to the hair’s darker pigment.
  2. Next, the darker pigment in the hair follicles absorb the light. This takes place in the same way that asphalt or other darkly colored objects absorb heat when in the sun.
  3. Finally, the light absorbed by the follicles destroys the hair.

The process involves little discomfort. Any pain is felt for only a short period of time. Many relate the feeling to being similar to  their skin being snapped with a rubber band then cooled. The laser only needs to run over an area one time per treatment, so any discomfort is short lived.

Because laser hair removal relies on darker pigments absorbing light, the best results are seen on lighter skinned men and women with dark brown or black hair. However, whether you have light skin and dark hair, dark skin and hair, or light skin and hair, the procedure can still be performed with varying degrees of success.


Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Getting a hair removal treatment takes some preparation. Schedule a free consultation with us at Montrose Dermatology + Cosmetics to meet with our specialist and set up an appointment. Here are some good things to do (and not do) before you begin your hair removal process.

  • Stick to the shade. It’s best to avoid exposure to the sun for a few weeks before the treatment. Tanned skin or sunburns can cause the treatment to be less effective or more painful.
  • Lighten your skin. Laser hair removal works best on people with lighter skin and darker hair. Anything you can do to lighten your skin or keep it from getting darker will work to your advantage.
  • Shave. Trimming or shaving the treatment area a day or two before the treatment will ensure better results. This keeps hair follicles intact beneath your skin so that the laser can do its job.
  • Avoid other methods of hair removal. Other removal methods such as waxing or plucking disturb the hair around the treatment area and may hinder the effects of the laser.


What Happens After?

After the procedure, the hair around the treated area will start to shed. You will need several treatments with a few weeks in between to see full results, but soon, you will begin to see less hair growing back. While the treatment doesn’t remove hair forever, it still slows hair growth. When full treatment has been completed, shaving will no longer be necessary.


Montrose Dermatology + Cosmetics offers free consultations so you know if this treatment is right for you! Learn more about our laser hair removal services.